CPE Powered With Intel PRO
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Commercially available since mid 2004, deployed by over 150 operators in more than 30 countries, BreezeMAX is the most advanced, field proven commercial WiMAX solution and the first to offer CPE powered with Intel PRO/Wireless 5116 broadband interface WiMAX chip. Built from the ground up based on the IEEE 802.16-2004 standard, BreezeMAX supports fixed, nomadic and portable services with a clear path for the emerging WiMAX mobile industry based on the IEEE 802.16e standard. BreezeMAX is designed for a variety of frequencies in both licensed and license-exempt bands from 2GHz to 6GHz spectrum, and operates in both FDD and TDD duplex modes. The system, with excellent sensitivity and market leading OFDM radio technology, is robust to operate in adverse channel conditions and non-line-of-sight links. With high power radios that support diversity and smart antenna techniques, BreezeMAX enables the use of indoor self-install CPEs in both dense urban and suburban environments. BreezeMAX CPEs are powered by Intel WiMAX Connection 2250 interface chip and deliver broadband access services to a wide range of customers, including residential, SOHO, SME, large enterprise and multi-tenant customers. Highlights: * WiMAX Platform * Field Proven by more than 150 operators * Deployed in over 30 countries * Fixed, Portable and Mobile Services * Self Install CPE * Modular scalable base station architecture * Wide Variety of Frequencies: 2
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