Symmetricom 58529A

58529A GPS Line Amplifier with L1 Bandpass Filter
Additional Details

With over 20 dB (typical) of gain, the 58529A increases the maximum cable length from 115 to 240 meters between the 58532A GPS Antenna and a timing receiver. Two amplifiers may be used in series to achieve distances up to 360 meters. An active device, the 58529A accepts power between +4.5 Vdc to +13 Vdc. The unit is designed to pass dc power up to the GPS antenna. Added Interference Protection Antennas located in high-signal environments occasionally need interference protection above and beyond the filter provided in the 58532A GPS Antenna. The 58529A includes a narrow bandwidth filter with steep roll-off to minimize interference from nearby transmitters. Improved Immunity to Lightning Electromagnetic fields caused by nearby lightning strikes can induce surge voltages in the antenna cable, damaging components in the antenna system. The 58529A has improved immunity to these voltages through built-in diode protection. However, Symmetricom recommends the 58538A and 58539A lightning arrestors for full lightning protection. Durable and Easy to Install Symmetricom’s third generation GPS antenna line amplifier, the 58529A is even more durable and easier to install than its predecessors. New features include a more rugged package design and a streamlined installation scheme. The 58529A is designed to be compatible with the 58532A GPS Antenna. The 58529A’scylindrical shape allows it to fit inside the mounting mast of the 58532A GPS Antenna for shelter from the environment.

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